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The Oregon fishing guide fishes popular Oregon rivers for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon including the Willamette River, Clackamas River, Buoy 10 And Tillamook Bay for Fall Chinook Salmon.
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Columbia river fishing guides and local resorts for the Oregon and Washington. Columbia river fishing guides are Oregon fishing guides and Washington fishing guides. They fish for Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Walleye, Bass and Trout and species include "Fall Chinook" King Salmon, Spring Chinook, Upriver brights and Springers as well as smallmouth bass, trophy Sturgeon and keeper Sturgeon. Select a guide below and have the fishing adventure of a lifetime.

The Columbia River fishing guides listed on this website are our favorites. Some say the most productive area is the Columbia River between Portland and Longview. Literally millions of salmon, steelhead and Sturgeon flood past this area every year. We fish out of a fully enclosed Thunder Jet river sled that accommodates 4 fisherman. I am Coast Guard Licensed and insured.


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
December 20, 2012

Barbless hooks required Jan. 1 on large portion of Columbia River

OLYMPIA - Starting New Year's Day, anglers will be required to use barbless hooks until further notice when fishing for salmon, steelhead and cutthroat on a large section of the Columbia River.
The rule issued today by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will affect sport fisheries from the mouth of the Columbia River - including the north jetty - upstream to the state border with Oregon, 17 miles upstream from McNary Dam.
Under the new rule, anglers may still use single-point, double-point, or treble hooks in those waters, so long as any barbs have been filed off or pinched down.
State fishery managers said the immediate need for the rule is to make Washington's fishing regulations consistent with those in Oregon, where that state's fish and wildlife commission recently approved a broad-based measure that prohibits Oregonian license holders from using barbed hooks on the Columbia River starting Jan. 1.
"Fisheries can be very difficult to manage under two different sets of rules," said Guy Norman, WDFW southwest region director. "The two states have worked together for nearly a hundred years to maintain regulatory consistency on the river that serves as a common boundary."
In recent months, both states have been discussing a ban on barbed hooks as part of broad-based policy to restructure Columbia River fisheries to promote the recovery of wild salmon and steelhead. As a conservation tool, barbless hooks are easier to remove than barbed hooks, reducing the likelihood of killing or injuring the fish, Norman said.

"That's especially important on the Columbia River, where anglers are required to release fish from a number of protected runs unharmed," he said.

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, which sets policy for WDFW, is scheduled to take action next month on the new draft policy that includes a ban on barbed hooks and a variety of other management changes.
A vote on the draft policy, which also includes phasing out the use of gillnets by non-tribal fishers in the mainstem Columbia River by 2017, is scheduled Jan. 12 during a public meeting in Olympia. More information about the draft policy is available at

Columbia River fishing guides are booking trips on the Upper & Lower Columbia River, Willamette River, Clackamas River and mid Columbia River area below Bonneville  dam for Salmon Steelhead, Shad & Sturgeon.
fishing guides specialize in Oversize sturgeon, these fish range in size from 6 feet to ? and often break the surface of the water to make for an excellent photo. You’ll be fishing with Coast Guard licensed guides in comfortable boats. All the bait and gear is usually provided for the species of fish you are going after.
Call today for the Salmon, Sturgeon or Steelhead fishing trip of a lifetime. You can fish with Northwest fishing charter boats just minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon or all up and down the Columbia River.

Summer Chinook Season On The Columbia River

There will be a Summer Chinook Season again this year on the Columbia river for two weeks only. These are big Kings that are heading up to the Upper Columbia to spawn late summer. This is a special season to be able and fish for these Salmon. It is only our third year we have been able to fish for these Kings since the early 70's. They are allowing us to catch 1,000 fish. Are some of them going to be yours. Book your trip today will there are still some trips available.


Whether you are looking to fish the Columbia River or the Pacific Ocean you'll need an experienced guide. Oregon Fishing Guide Service...Fish in Oregon with fishing guide, Billy Davis of Gale Force Guides!
Billy has lived & fished the lower Columbia area his whole life. He was going over the Columbia River Bar at the age of 12 as a deckhand on a charter boat out of Hammond, OR. In 1980 he obtained his U.S. Coast Guard Masters license.
We specialize in sturgeon fishing, salmon fishing, (King Salmon & Coho salmon) steelhead fishing, & crab fishing on the Columbia River, Willamette River, Nehalem River, Tillamook Bay, & Buoy 10 as well as crossing the Columbia River Bar to fish in the Pacific Ocean.
Besides offering fishing tips & fishing reports, we also offer tips on beachcombing & razor clam digging in & around Astoria, Seaside, Warrenton, Cannon Beach, & Hammond.


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Columbia river Salmon fishing guides

     Daniel St. Laurent Salmon and Steelhead fishing guide. I fish the Columbia River, Tillamook Bay and all coastal rivers & bays nearby including Nehalem, the Wilson & Trask Rivers for Salmon & Steelhead and the popular Buoy 10 Salmon fishery. I also fish for Spring Salmon at Wind River and Drano Lake and the Willamette River. I'll give you tips and information to help you fish all those areas because I've been fishing them all my life and it's my passion. I live to get up every morning and fish and nothing is more fun to me than making sure my friends and clients are "on the fish" and in the right zone using the very best baits and lures. Please visit my website and contact me to book a trip. My promise to you is that you'll be glad you did  - 
Daniel St. Laurent  - 
St. Laurent Guide Service

Fishing Reports For The Columbia River

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to send an update on the upcoming 2015 fishing season. Last year we had a great summer and fall season with a near record run of Chinook and Coho. With the predictions this year it looks like we are going to have another awesome year of fishing. I’ve been receiving calls from clients that want to schedule trips this year and now that the forecasts are out, I thought I would give everyone an idea of what to expect.

Spring Chinook
This year the projection for Springer’s is similar to last year and should offer some good opportunities. ODFW is projecting over 300,000 fish returning to the Columbia, which would make it the 6th largest return in recent years and another 55,000+ for the Willamette. The Columbia River season has been set; it’s open now through April 10. The Willamette River season will run into June and should produce some good fishing mid-April through the end of May. If you are interested in fishing for these highly prized fish, please give me a call as soon as possible as these days are starting to fill up.

Lower River Sturgeon - Astoria
If you’re looking for some action, this is a great summer fishery. These fish put up a great fight and range from 20 – 60 lbs., with some going over 300 lbs. Last year the fishing was so good most days, we boated 35 – 75 fish. The regulations are not out this year, but most likely it will be another year of “Catch & Release” fishing. The best Sturgeon action is in June, July and early August.

Summer Ocean Fishing
The fishing last year in the Ocean was extremely good with limits every day. The prediction for this year is close to 1,000,000 Coho, and with the addition of a huge Chinook run this should make for another fantastic year on the Ocean. The Ocean opens mid June and should be very good through August. The weather this time of year at the coast is usually very mild which makes for some great days on the ocean.

Fall Salmon
Last year was the second largest run of Chinook on record and it was some of the best fishing I’ve seen in the river. The predictions just came out for this year and they are similar to last year with nearly a million Chinook and another million Coho. The Chinook range between 15 and 40 lbs. and have been in the river for only about a day or two, so they are still actively feeding, bright, and put up a great fight. With both the Chinook & Coho run projection similar to last year, we should have a phenomenal fall season.

The season runs from August 1 thru the middle of October so please call early to get a day for what will be another fantastic year of fall fishing.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a trip, please give me a call and I will do my best to schedule a great day of fishing for you!

Brad Hadfield
Guide Service Northwest

It's almost time for the much anticipated run of spring Chinook to start showing up. Most anglers start to get the fever this time of year. Since the springers haven't arrived yet there is another option, Walleye. Walleye fishing is becoming more, and more popular on the Columbia river. Experts predict that the next world record will come from the Columbia. Anglers from the mid west come to the Columbia just to have a chance at a trophy. Jan, Feb, and March is the best time to go after the big ones. The fish this time of year are not that aggressive, and won't go out of there way to strike a moving bait. All the fish we have been catching have come on the vertical jigging method. We are trying to keep the bait in front of the fish as long as possible, and jigging is the best way to do that. We are using a 3/4 oz green jig head with a whole nightcrawler. Next month when the water warms, we will be trolling more then jigging. They tend to be more active when the water warms, and will go after a faster moving bait. We will troll down stream using a worm harness with a #4 chartreuse blade, and a whole nightcrawler. This time of year you will catch some big females. Please release these fish so that Walleye fishing on the Columbia will remain good for years to come. For more info on Walleye, Fall Chinook, Sturgeon, Drano lake Steelhead, and the up-coming Spring Chinook run below Bonneville, and Drano lake, go to  or call 541-380-1415. Good luck fishing.

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